What is the greatest PlayStation game of all time? Help us decide for OPM issue 100

Ooh, our joints aren’t what they used to be… yeah, there goes another hernia. On 1 August OPM issue 100 goes on sale, and to celebrate the landmark occasion, we need your assistance to help us choose the best 100 PlayStation games ever.

Greatest PlayStation games of all time

If you head on over to our 100 greatest PlayStation games of all time poll, you’ll find a comprehensive shortlist of over 200 genuinely brilliant titles that we’ve been whittling down with your help for some time. Over the past few weeks you’ve been telling us your favorite titles ever to find a home on a Sony machine via the site, our Facebook and Twitter, which has resulted in a comprehensive grouping of near 250 amazing games. We also chucked in a fair few of our own editorial choices to spice things up – how could none of you vote for Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time?!

From Amplitude to Ape Escape, God Of War to Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec or Timesplitters 2 to The Last Of Us; this is the definite list of PlayStation greatness. And now we need your help to shave said list down to the best 100 titles ever to grace a PlayStation console.

Once you get to the poll you can select up to 100 games in no particular order that will go towards our voting. We’ll then arrange the order of the list by whichever games get the most selections (as men of wurdz, numbers make our heads hurt).

So celebrate OPM turning 100 by helping us forge the greatest 100 PlayStation games of all time for our very special anniversary issue – once again, on sale 1 August. Voting closes 20 June, 6pm. *crosses fingers for Shadow Of The Colossus*