The Last Of Us PS4 release date confusion, Batman: Arkham Knight delayed and Homefront: The Revolution news – PlayStation round up

Another day, another dollar…and a PlayStation round up while you’re at it. Today, we’re here with Batman delays, a whole heap of confusion regarding when The Last Of Us: Remastered on PS4 is actually out and news of an upcoming Homefront: The Revolution feature in the mag.

PlayStation round up

  • Holy self-entitled disappointment, Batman! What do you mean Arkham Knight on PS4 has been delayed until 2015? Grrrgh, this makes us so mad we’re contemplating sending copies of Batman & Robin to every member of Rocksteady… on laserdisc. Still, at least the delay will make Bruce’s ride even more awesome, with Warner Bros revealing a new Batmobile trailer that shows off the legendary vehicle in its new Battle Mode, where it comes equipped with a vulcan cannon and missile barrage, among other Gotham-crumbling toys.
  • When on when are we going to get new-gen Joel and Ellie? There’s a whole mess of confusion surrounding The Last Of Us: Remastered’s release date, with UK retailer GAME excitingly announcing the PS4-bound apocalypse adventure would be announced 13 June via Twitter, something Sony quickly denied. Turns out, someone evidently jumped the gun, as the guilty tweets have now been removed. Other retailers have the 1080p port down for 20 June, as rumours swirl that Sony will officially announce the release date of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece at its E3 2014 press conference.
  • And for all the bonus round points, after the game’s leak a couple of days ago, we can now confirm we’ll have a friggin’ huge Homefront: The Revolution feature in the latest issue of OPM. Our man Phil has visited Crytek UK in Nottingham to see the game in action, and you can read his thoughts when the mag goes on sale 10 June.