Buy a PS4 for £300, FIFA 14 FUT World Cup delayed and Watch Dogs PS4 uPlay issues – PlayStation round up

Quick! Lets all help make the internet explode, because an online outlet is currently selling PS4 for £300. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Elsewhere in today’s PlayStation round up there are more tidings of gloomy Watch Dogs uPlay issues and a delay for FIFA 14′s Ultimate Team World Cup mode. Ah well, at least it gives little Luis’ knee knack more time to heal.

PlayStation round up

  • Right, deep breaths now, people. ShopTo is currently selling PS4 for £300. If they’ve run out of stock by the time you read this, please resist the urge to send anymore flaming feces to OPM Towers. And if you do manage to pick one up at that knocked down price… uh, go out and give a good karmic turn back to the world by saving some sort of feline from some sort of tree.
  • watch dogs PS4 screensAiden may have enjoyed the most successful launch in Ubisoft’s history, but we fear his game will be more remembered now for the litany of maddening Watch Dogs uPlay problems befalling early adopters of the hacking sandbox. In the midst of the game-breaking issues PC players are currently facing (my rig can’t even get past the ruddy save icon screen!), reports are coming in that PS4 players are also struggling to login to uPlay. Urge. To. Kill. Rising.
  • Finally, are you currently suffering from a mild case of foot-meets-ball fever? Well, sadly your Rio ails won’t be cured by FIFA 14′s World Cup features, as the game’s promised WC-themed Ultimate Team mode has been delayed. The publisher released the following statement to explain the holdup: “as we progressed through final testing we encountered unforeseen issues that would affect all users who downloaded the update, so it’s important to address them first before release.” Who’s up for a game of hacky sack in the meantime?