New Hitman PS4 info, Battlefield Hardline announced and new Order: 1886 PS4 screenshots – Daily PlayStation round up

With fresh new-gen Hitman info (including the first official piece of concept art), EA announcing a new Battlefield game and new screens of The Order: 1886, which give you the best look yet at Ready At Dawn’s AAA PS4 exclusive, we’ve got quite the PlayStation round up for you today.

Daily PlayStation round up

  • Really good then super bad news, everyone! First up, IO has just released the first official piece of art of its new Hitman game, which is almost certainly PS4-bound. Huzzah! Secondly, eh… that’s the last you’ll be seeing of new-gen 47 for a while, because the Danish developer won’t be showing anything else from the game at E3. Boo! Still, the studio’s latest blog post at least provides several tantalising details about that piece of art up the page. Though the exact location hasn’t been confirmed, the concept drawing is from a level set in Central Europe. More excitingly, the interior of the pictured museum/gallery is going to be bigger than any single location from Hitman: Absolution, and you’ll even be able to explore outside of the building, too. Break out your finest piano wire; 47′s next adventure is going to be killer.
  • So, Battlefield Hardline is finally a thing… officially, speaking that is. Though the rumours of its cops vs robbers theme have been doing the rounds for sometime, EA only officially confirmed its existence today. Developed by Dead Space studio Visceral, Hardline “launches this fall” and is “set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals” the team confirmed. Further Battlefield Hardline multiplayer and single-player details have also leaked. The former includes four very Payday-sounding modes, spanning Heist, Rescue, Hotwired and Bloodmoney. The latter, meanwhile, centres around a Miami detective named Nick Mendoza (“MENDOOOOOZZZAAAA!!!”), who is apparently “caught in his own personal struggle between right and wrong”. That campaign already has us more interested than Battlefield 4′s tepid single-player effort. More details will be revealed at E3.
  • Finally, here’s a ruddy astounding looking new screen of The Order: 1886…

For more info and new screenshots of The Order: 1886 on PS4 click that dem der purdy blue hyperlink.