Watch Dogs PS4 review in progess: Editor’s note

watch dogs PS4 screens

Happy Tuesday everyone. We understand a lot of you want to know what the score for our Watch Dogs PS4 review is, but the truth is, we don’t yet know – we haven’t even got our copy yet…

Watch Dogs PS4 review

Last week we were invited to a multi-day event at Ubisoft to review the game starting just 48 hours before our print deadline. We felt it was impossible to agree to those terms and review the game in that environment for a limited space of time, and therefore declined the invitation.

Although other outlets were sent copies after the event but ahead of the weekend for online reviews, Ubisoft didn’t provide us with a copy in time to hit the deadline. We’re expecting ours today, courtesy of Ubi.

Apologies for the lack of a review but we refuse to compromise when it comes to reviewing games. Of course we’d always like to bring you reviews first – or, when we must, in-line with embargoes – but above all else we rate quality and impartiality, and in this incident we felt that attending an event and rushing our review to hit our print deadline would have cast a dark shadow over these values.

We’ll bring you our verdict as soon as we can.