Watch Dogs’ map revealed, Minecraft PS4 release date announced, plus Driveclub engine gushing – Daily PlayStation round up

Step forth for some semi-freshly served, PlayStation-focused news. In today’s round up, there a glimpse at Watch Dogs’ Chicago map, Minecraft gets a release date on PS4 and Evolution Studios talking about how Driveclub’s engine should see them through until PS5. Yes, we did just type those two letters and that number together.

Daily PlayStation round up

  • Want to know just how Watch Dogs‘ Chicago stacks up in the size department next to Blaine County? Well, thanks to naughty footage obtained from leaked copies of the game, some enterprising sort has pieced together the map using Photoshop. It’s obviously smaller, but Ubisoft Montreal always stated the density of its open-world was more important than sheer size.
  • In blocky news, Mojang has confirmed Minecraft’s PS4 release date is set for early August. Not only will the new-gen port’s maps be 36 times bigger than on PS3, but if you do own the last-gen version, you’ll be able to upgrade to the shinier ‘un for a ‘small fee’.
  • Finally, though Driveclub has been delayed roughly 14,324 times over the last year, it looks like all that extra polish has paid off. During a recent press trip, art director Alex Perkins told Techradar he expects the racer’s engine to last Evolution Studios for the entirety of this console generation. “For Driveclub it does a good job. By the end of the PS4 life cycle it’s going to do a brilliant job.” We must admit, the game’s lighting makes us want to lick our own eyeballs.