Advertorial: Take your gaming and video editing to the next level with the LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide series, the world’s first 34-inch QHD monitor

If you’re looking to take your gaming or video editing to another level, the new LG 21:9 UltraWide series of IPS widescreen monitors are the perfect solution. With an incredible resolution of 3440X1440 powered by UltraWide QHD technology, UltraWide is the world’s first 34-inch QHD monitor, offering an utterly unique viewpoint to bring your games and video software to life in a way you’ve never seen before.

The LG UltraWide series is around 2.4 times bigger than a traditional full HD 16:9 monitor. With all that extra screen real estate, these displays are ideal for multitasking. Ask yourself: why switch between your favourite game or video/photo editing software when you can easily display both on a 21:9 panel.

These premium LG 21:9 models allow up to four windows (shown in eight different screen ratios) to be displayed onscreen at once. Perfect for those instances when you may be struggling with a boss in a certain game and need to bring up an online guide in a separate browser window for assistance.

Whether you’re going for that perfect lap in your favourite racer or editing a homemade movie, good colour reproduction on a monitor is crucial. And with a built-in Scaler and Ture Colour Finder, the LG 21:9 ULtraWide series allows you to directly adjust colour settings to a user-defined set point. The 10-bit colour display on the panels is also 64 times richer than 8-bit colour monitors, recreating pictures with amazing depth and vibrancy, free of colour banding.

With built-in Thunderbolt™ 2 cable technology, users can transfer data at lightning fast speeds through a single contact port. Supporting speeds up to 20Gbps, it is possibly to connect a total of six devices with Thunderbolt™ 2 in a simple daisy-chain configuration. This means it’s now easy to connect your laptop and separate storage device to the LG UltraWide 21:9 series simultaneously to run pictures and videos from different devices for your editing purposes.

The LG UltraWide series also provides an ideal solution for Microsoft Office users. Capable of displaying 47 columns and 63 rows in Excel, the UltraWide QHD monitor allows you to view all your business content without the need to scroll or hide columns.

Movie lovers are also well catered for with the LG UltraWide series, thanks to the panels’ full-bodied stereo sound, lifelike colour and incredibly wide viewing angle. The IPS monitors also boast CINEMA SCREEN – a cutting edge technology that provides stunning design and a hugely immersive viewing experience.

Changing the panel’s settings is also wonderfully natural, thanks to the Intuitive joystick, which combines accurate menu controls with analogue sensitivity. Pleasing to touch and without an overlapping user interface, the joystick makes tweaking the settings on the LG ULtraWide series a joy.

The panel’s stunning aesthetic is further boosted by the transparent Crystal Float Stand and super-slim CINEMA screen bezel, which combine to create a sensation that makes it look like your pictures are floating in midair.

MHL technology also ensures you can connect your smart phone to the 21:9 Ultrawide monitor, with the ability to link your handset’s display to the stunning IPS panel elevating your smartphone pictures and movies to a level you never thought possible.

Fully Mac compatible, the 21:9 Ultrawide series also caters for Macintosh users who demand a striking widescreen experience for the most taxing graphic and video editing.

So if you’re looking to boost your gaming performance or video editing, the LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide series provides an incredibly immersive experience that will truly take you to the next level.