New Rockstar PS4 game, Watch Dogs PS4 runs at 900p/30fps (probably) and new Battlefield 4 DLC – Daily PlayStation round up

watch dogs PS4 screens

Worship at the feet of the almighty King of the Internet Trolls, for this week we are he. Honestly, we must have put you through the ringer with our daily “Watch Dogs on PS4 definitely runs at 1080p/60fps… no wait! Actually it doesn’t at all” debacle. Thankfully, Ubisoft has at last confirmed the final technical stats for its open world hack ‘em up… and they’re pretty disappointing. Elsewhere in the PlayStation round up, there’s news on a bumper new-gen Rockstar game and more on Battlefield 4′s Dragon’s Teeth DLC.

Daily PlayStation round up

  • watch dogs PS4 screensThis is almost definitely the last time we do a story on Watch Dogs PS4 Resolutiongate this week. After various counter claims, publisher Ubisoft has finally confirmed the game runs at 900p/30fps on PS3, despite Sony claiming earlier in the week that the voyeuristic sandbox would hit 60fps and be displayed in glorious 1080p. Creative director Jonathan Morin has defended the lower numbers, stating: “stuff like resolution can scale a bit down so that we never compromise the soul of Watch Dogs.” After all the controversy surrounding the game’s supposedly downgraded graphics since the initial E3 2012 reveal, we can understand why folk feel cheesed off. Yet we’re confident Watch Dogs could yet be a blinder… and not because the textures are a bit low res. We jest… kinda.
  • During a Take-Two finance call, the GTA publisher announced Rockstar is working on a new now-gen game. This has led to wide spread speculation. Could it be that long awaited GTA 5 PS4 port? Perhaps we’re finally going to get Red Dead Redemption 2? There’s even a chance Rockstar might try and dig up the agent, which was last heard of roughly around the time man discovered fire. Personally, we’d guess it’s probably going to be a shiny PS4 version of GTA 5. But a sequel to Mr Marston’s melancholy Western would please us silly.
  • Lastly, DICE has released the first screen of its upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC, Dragon’s Teeth. Gameplay footage is expected later in the week, but in the here and now, the headline feature looks to be a new dual-handed shield that provides mobile cover. Anyone else feeling all wistful for Uncharted 2?