Titanfall on PS4? Plus DualShock 4′s Morpheus connection and The Last Of Us’ PS4 makeover – PlayStation news round up

In today’s round up we bring rumours of Titanfall coming to PS4, a previously unknown connection between the DualShock 4′s lightbar and Project Morpheus, plus more details on The Last Of Us Remastered.

PlayStation news round up

  • Another day, another ‘industry insider’ claiming a megaton Xbox franchise is on its way to PS4. This time, it’s well-known figure Tidux, who claims Titanfall on PS4 is happening. “Titanfall is going multi-platform” and “A build of Titanfall is up and running on #PS4″, he said on Twitter. This would fall in line with earlier rumours that Microsoft would not enjoy exclusivity rights on a sequel to Respawn’s hugely successful FPS. Admit it: you’d love to see a bit of Titan-on-Titan action make its way to PS4.
  • Are you ever so slightly irritated about your DualShock 4′s lightbar reflecting off your telly? Blame the pad’s previously unknown connection with Morpheus. Indeed, it was the VR department at Sony who originally requested the function be implemented into the pad in a forward-looking nod to the upcoming virtual reality headset. “The tracking light… it was our department that said we need that on,” says SCEE senior designer Jed Ashforth. We’re sure you’ll forgive him when you’re waving your arms around like a Lawnmower Man extra in PS4 games in a couple of years time.
  • Huzzah for the shop-keep! Or, in this case, those wizards at Naughty Dog, who are seemingly giving The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4 all the graphics. Speaking to Edge, creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed the now-gen port’s character models would be on par with the super hi-res versions seen in the PS3 original’s beautiful cutscenes. Is it wrong we’re damn near more excited for a 1080p remake of a last-gen game than almost any new PS4 title coming this year? Hey, blame Naughty Dog for being so ruddy talented. Happy Friday, y’all!