God Of War on PS4, Driveclub PS Plus Edition details and Dying Light delayed – PlayStation news round up

Step right up for your daily punch of PlayStation news directly to the face, gentle reader. On this fine afternoon we bring rumours of Kratos getting a now-gen port as God Of War PS4 murmurings scurry around the interwebs. There’s also more news on how you can upgrade the free PS Plus version of Driveclub to the full fat experience. Oh, and Dying Light has been delayed until 2015. Sorry, zomb-lovers.

PlayStation news round up

  • Ah, Kratos. We… eh, kinda weren’t expecting you. According to industry insider Shinobi602 (who has a good track record with these sorts of leaks) God Of War Ascension on PS4 is happening. No concrete details on whether there will be any additional features – though we’d hope 60fps would be a lock. He’s also unsure whether it will be a digital only title. If you’re a GOW fan, we’d keep those Blades of Chaos crossed.
  • There really is no such thing has a free meal usually consumed between the hours of 13:00-14:00 hours, is there? Though PS Plus subscribers are technically getting the heavily delayed Driveclub for free, the racer’s full content won’t unlock unless you pay a further £49.99. This one off cost will then net you all five locations in the game, plus all 50 cars, tour events and a whopping 55 tracks to boot. Eh, you just have to make sure you keep your PS Plus account active or you’ll lose access to the content. Deep breathes, readers. Sony’s online service is still dang generous.
  • Last (and if we’re brutally honest, probably least) up is the confirmation that Techland has delayed its PS4 zombie open-worlder Dying Lightuntil February 2015. Fret not, though, because the studio is still “committed to innovation” and “wants to give players the freedom of movement unprecedented in open world games.” Huh. Where was that attitude when it was churning out the utterly pap Dead Island: Riptide?