COD Advanced Warfare on PS4 announced (also gets Kevin Spacey), GTA Online gets double RP weekend and new Driveclub trailer – daily PlayStation news round up

It’s Friday evening: shouldn’t you either be A) in an alcoholic watering hole or B) attempting to take over the world in the same style as a strangely-headed cartoon mouse? Ah, you’d rather have your daily PlayStation round up, would ya? Good choice, because today we’ve got the megaton news of a new Call Of Duty for PS4, a double RP weekend for GTA Online and a bumper new trailer for Driveclub.

Daily PlayStation news round up

  • And like that… HE’S GONE. No, wait a minute. He’s back again. Yes, Keyser Söze himself (spoilerz!!!) is fronting the newly announced Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare as a shady private military magnate. PS4′s new COD isn’t merely about Kevin Spacey, though, the COD: Advanced Warfare trailer also shows off futuristic gadgets and even traces of parkour, and mechanically seems to suggest the game will play like a natural evolution of Black Ops 2, at least in terms of the tech at your disposal.
  • Still buggering about in GTA Online? Delightful. Then you’ll be pleased as punch to learn you can earn double Respect Points this weekend. This also gives players the chance to wrap their criminal mitts around the recently implemented GTA Capture Jobs.
  • Finally, there’s a new Driveclub trailer to attach your viewing cones to. It features some ‘oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz’. After you’ve made amends for the fact your friends all own Porsches, you may be interested to know the car in question is a Benz SLS AMG Black Series. So there you go. Happy Friday evening, folks! Try to get at least 37 minutes of natural sunshine this Bank Holiday weekend, eh?