Driveclub framerate details, new PS4 firmware, PSN Ubisoft sale, plus Yoshida talks Morpheus and Oculus Rift – daily PlayStation round up

Roll up! Roll up! Today in your daily PlayStation round up we bring news of Driveclub and its slightly disappointing framerate. There’s also the latest PS4 firmware that puts a semi-magical hoodoo on your DualShock 4′s lightbar. Next, savings are afoot with this week’s PSN Ubisoft bumper sale. Oh, and if you’re after juicy VR deets, Shuhei Yoshida has been talking about the cooperation that exists between Morpheus and Oculus Rift devs. Awww. Brings a tear to the eye socket, don’t it?

Daily PlayStation round up

  • What’s that coming (well, crawling) over the hill? Why, it’s Driveclub. Hurray! It’s not dead. While we’re glad to see Evolution’s racer resurface after months of delays, it seems Driveclub’s framerate is going to disappointingly fall short of the 1080p/60fps gold standard. Speaking to VG24/7, game director Paul Rustchynsky said: “As we’ve got more familiar with the hardware, and also, looking at what we wanted from the game, we decided that 1080p, 30 frames per second is absolutely the best thing, because what that allows us to do is to deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen.” He also admits a large part of the last six-nine months has been spent working on the game’s menus. That better be one damn pretty hub.
  • PS4 firmware 1.70 is here. In what’s arguably the biggest downloadable shakeup yet, the update gives gamers the chance to adjust the brightness of the DualShock 4′s lightbar. You can now switch between Bright, Medium and Dim. Rejoice all those who’ve been ever so slightly perturbed at the pad reflecting onto their TV. HDCP has also been switched off, which means those with external capture cards can now record gameplay footage through HDMI. Rounding off the update is the introduction of SHAREfactory which Sony describes as a “free, rich video editor” that allows you to put filters and such on your PS4 footage recorded through the Share button.
  • As we all impatiently wait for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has done its best to help you kill the time by offering significant savings on a host of its biggest series with a PSN sale. Jump on now and make your wallet happy with discounts on the entire Assassin’s Creed series, Prince Of Persia and Far Cry.
  • Finally, Shuhei Yoshida has been talking about Morpheus. Specifically, the head of Sony Worldwide Studios says the PS4 VR headset has benefited from the existence of Oculus Rift. Even though Sony hasn’t been directly working with the makers of Oculus, Yoshida admits the Japanese giant has learned from them simply by looking at the company’s public presentations. “Even though we don’t work with each other directly, we’re helping each other as far as announcing something or showing a proof of concept or publishing some documents or something like that,” he said.