Mass Effect on PS4, Naughty Dog loses yet another staffer and Dark Souls 2 developer sold – daily PlayStation round up

Not again. This is getting ridiculous. After losing Amy Hennig and Nathan Wells, news has swooped in like the most depressing vulture of another Naughty Dog departure. Could Uncharted 4 on PS4 be in trouble? Also, there’s info on The Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4 and From Software being sold.

Daily PlayStation round up

  • Just what exactly is going on in Santa Monica? After a couple of recent high-profile departures, Michael Knowland has now left Naughty Dog. While obviously not a name of the scale of Hennig, Knowland was a key part of The Last Of Us, acting as lead character artist. Do these leavers hint at a wider schism within the beloved studio? For the sake of Uncharted 4, we certainly hope not.
  • In more optimistic news, retailer Zmart has listed The Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4. While obviously not an official announcement, the thought of PS4 Shepard running around at 60fps in 1080p is enough to send our Normandy hulls all a quiver. Seeing as Mass Effect 4 is probably a long way off, it would make sense for EA to port the sci-fi saga over to PS4 to make some cash in the meantime.
  • And finally, From Software (the Japanese studio behind the incredible Dark Souls games) has been sold. Kadokawa Shoten – best known as a manga publisher – has bought the developer. Dark Souls 2 was published by Namco Bandai, and it’s as yet unclear how this could possibly affect a release date for Dark Souls 3 as Kadokawa Shoten don’t publish games outside of Japan.