Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad wishes he could tell you what he just saw, new Mad Max trailer reveals 2015 release date, and Last Of Us DLC – daily PlayStation news round up

Shahid Kamal Ahmad, you big tease. The Sony senior business development manager isn’t letting on what he saw today, but he assures you it was “so good. Such a privilege”. That, plus a new trailer for Mad Max and a 2015 release date, topped off with a slice of DLC for The Last of Us due May 7th, and you’re all caught up on the day’s developments in the world of PlayStation.

Daily PlayStation news round up

  • First off, SCE’s senior business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad saw something today that moved him. “BTW – What I saw today? Was so good, so good”, he announced via Twitter. “Such a privilege. I’m a lucky sod… no hints!” We can’t even take it as red that he saw a game, or anything Sony related – maybe a cat that thought it was people. But given his job, it’s safe to assume it’s something you’d also be interested in.
  • Remember that PS4 Mad Max game they announced an E3 or two ago? Well, it got a proper trailer today. Im amongst the usual bombastic cinematics are snippets of dusty open-world gameplay and a lot of vehicular combat. It appears that tricking out your ride with razorblade rims and the like is key to survival in the arid hinterland of the future. The game also revealed a 2015 release date, so put that in your calendar. If you buy calendars years in advance, that is:

  • Lastly, The, er… Last of Us gets its third and final multiplayer DLC drop on May 7th. Entitled The Grounded Bundle, it adds a mix of single player and online content. In the words of a great man, “That’s all we have to say about that”.