Frostbite’s tech director is full of praise for PS4′s toolchain, apparently tried to implement inFamous: Second Son’s anti-aliasing into Battlefield 4

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Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson took a minute to praise PS4′s C++ toolchain via Twitter, and also revealed that Dice had tried to implement SMAA T2X (the anti-aliasing inFamous: Second Son uses so damn well) in Battlefield 4, but found it too costly to frame rates.

Frostbite’s tech director is full of praise for PS4′s toolchain

The comments came during a Twitter conversation with SN Systems Optimizer Team Leader Greg Bedwell who worked on the PS4 CPU compiler:

Andersson also mentioned that “We tried SMAA T2X and looks nice but cost was too high for BF4″.

PS4′s C++ Toolchain is the system devs use to compile code. The comments are significant at this point in time as a certain other console manufacturer has been making a lot of noise about the potential performance benefits of the new DirectX 12 API. Software layers are the topic du jour, and it appears those working with Sony’s are very happy with the current infrastructure.

Via Dualshockers.

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