The biggest disasters on PS3 – 10 games voted for by Official PlayStation Magazine readers

A while back we asked you all a simple question: what was the worst game on PS3? The biggest disaster? The experience that most sullied Sony’s console and left a bad taste in your mouth? You voted and these are the results.

The 10 games worst games on PS3

There are a few surprises in there, with at least a couple of games technically critical or commercial successes. There’s also one that might have just been simply misunderstood. But each to their own and this was a vote after all – with the results culled from a lengthy Facebook poll – so the masses have spoken.

Before we look at the top 10 though, a slow clap for the two individuals who, quite staggeringly, gave their votes to Uncharted 2 and Bioshock. Instead of publicising their real names, we’ll call them Troll A and Troll B. “Despite getting a good rep for looking pretty, the characters are stupid and unlikeable,” writes the former of Drake’s middle outing. “Its plot is as original as the gameplay is varied (i.e. not at all).” As for Mr B, he found Bioshock “awkward and boring. For me, it didn’t flow and it was almost a chore to play. Graphically it was fine. The story has great potential. I just got bored.” Fair enough, but worst games on the format, fellas? Time for a spell on the naughty step to reflect upon what you’ve done.