PS4 rumoured to be getting PS1 & PS2 game compatibility again. Native 1080p for “select titles”

PS1 and PS2 support for PS4 is once again being rumoured with native 1080p rendering for “select titles”. It’s the second time the feature’s been mentioned as a local alternative to PlayStation Now cloud-based support.

PS4 getting PS1 & PS2 game compatibility

The information comes via a few, most likely post GDC tweets, from Ahsan Rasheed who’s getting quite the name for knowing stuff. He mentions that the software is still quite buggy and doesn’t work with every game:


It matches up with previous reports from Digital Foundry that PS4 would be getting local PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility rather than streaming older games over the PlayStation Now service (which still has no release date for the UK and Europe anyway).

In another tweet Rasheed also promises “VR demos at future events, PS4 exclusive game stuff and PlayStation Now launch” which are all fairly safe guesses.

Thanks VG247.