New The Division screens & Snowdrop engine trailer show dead bodies in the street & amazing lighting effects

That there would be a pile of dead bodies rotting in the street. The first indication of just how bad The Division‘s disease apocalypse set up has got. These new screens have come from a new trailer detailing the new Snowdrop engine behind Ubi‘s beautiful but grim PS4 shooter.

New The Division screens show dead bodies in the street

The trailer shows the tech powering the game and studio Massive‘s focus on creating Snowdrop to work smarter not harder. The scalability of it’s brilliant – watch the bit where they’re create a building by pulling out walls like a flat pack wardrobe.

The screens also give us a first real glimpse at the scale of the disaster which involves an epidemic plunging New York into chaos – abandoned corpses and abandoned police cars giving the first real indication of just how far society has collapsed.

Like Destiny this is another shooter within a persistent online world and RPG elements, this time build around a classless character creation system. You can find out more about how it all works with our handy look at 10 things you need to know about The Division