Batman Arkham Knight, The Order 1886, Evolve & more: Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

This issue we’ve got the Bat. After a trip to Rocksteady we’ve seen Batman Arkham Knight in action and spoken to game director Sefton Hill about the next generation of superhero. On top of that there’s more on The Order 1886, Evolve, a look at PS4′s secret game and more.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

Batman latest issue official PlayStation magazine

Obviously that cover feature’s hard to miss and the huge Batman Arkham Knight feature is built around a trip to Rocksteady to see the game in action with a demo from director Sefton Hill. We’ve seen the batmobile tear up the streets, as well as a big chunk of Gotham City crime fighting. New gadgets, new combat moves and new characters are all covered with info from Hill and Rocksteady co-founder Jamie Walker.

Continuing the foray into next-gen gaming we size up The Order 1886 and its chances of becoming one of PS4′s defining IPs. Again we’ve seen the game in action and talked to director and studio co-founder Ru Weerasuriya about creating a new take on London full of steampunk lightning guns and half-breed werewolves.

Another new game we go over in detail is Evolve, the co-op monster hunter from the Left 4 Dead guys. Having played it we’re still sizing up that balance of four humans vs a constantly growing giant alien. It’s an interesting take on the usual multiplayer shooter.

On less well covered shores we’ve also rounded up a bunch experts on various famous PlayStation series to line up what we think are the secret PS4 games coming your way – the titles that haven’t been announced or sequels that have to be in the pipeline, even if no one’s admitted it yet. What game are you thinking about right now?

official PlayStation magazine latest issue

Then there’s all the rest with previews including Wolfenstein and UFC, more hands on with Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes and reviews including Dark Souls 2 and more.

It’s in the shops now. If you want to save money you can get a print or digital subscription with up to a 36% saving. You can also grab an interactive copy on Apple Newsstand (with a one month free trial) or read Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio.