Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition PS4 details – livestream viewers to vote on power ups

After Sony’s Asia Blog confirmed Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition for PS4 the EU Blog has followed up with details: it’s a fully remastered 1080p version for starters. Most interesting livestream viewers will be able to affect your game by voting on ‘effects’ to inflict on the player.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition PS4 details

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition‘s livestream options is called Broadcast+ Mode. The way it works is that at certain times spectators will be given two options to vote for – one positive, the other negative – the one with the most votes will be inflicted on the player (so all negative, all the the time, then). The examples mentioned are an ammo drop or disabling the ability to sprint. There are 30 in total. Voters will also ‘appear’ in game as named zombies to kill.

Other features include co-op and a full 1080p HD makeover promising “improved textures, rendering and effects”. There are also control tweaks including a “quick weapon select”, the Road To Devastation expansion is bundled in and there’s second screen support to check challenges and stats. The later being handy for the new Challenger Mode that lets you send scores to friends to see if they can beat them.

Thanks EU Blog.