1080p & 60fps has to be the new standard, not a luxury for PS4 games

MGS 5 comparison video

You probably don’t realise this, but you’ve been getting horribly screwed for the last six years. Ever since PS3 launched, the all-seeing holes in your head have been slumming it in the mire of 1,280 x 720 resolutions at framerates that would need an Acme-style rocket pack to reach that magic number sitting somewhere between 59 and 61. Your peepers deserve so much more.

1080p at 60fps has to be the new standard for PS4 games

Having recently splurged a wallet-hobbling amount on building a mega PC, I’ve only just become accustomed to playing games in 1080p at velvety smooth response rates. And kiss my irises and call them salted pickles if it isn’t the biggest revelation I’ve experienced in the medium since buying my first HD telly.

The Order PS4 Gameplay screens

The Order looks lovely but only runs at 30fps.

Playing games in 1080p makes so much difference when it comes to picking out small details. I recently bought Max Payne 3 and Hitman: Absolution for my PC at scandalously cheap prices thanks to a Steam sale, after finishing both on PS3.

Experiencing what I thought were already two of last-gen’s most gorgeous games at 1,920 x 1,080 has been a massive eye-opener (literally). Now I can appreciate every gaudy piece of fabric on Max’s bad Hawaiian shirts or the glistening sweat on 47’s chrome dome where there was previously just a blur.

With PS4, console gamers now have a seriously capable box that rivals powerful mid-range PCs. Yet only a few PS4 launch games run at a native 1080p, and fewer still can boast a locked 60fps. The latter is particularly crucial for nailing those snappy pad responses in shooters, so it’s kind of disappointing even the mighty Guerrilla could only squeeze a steady 30fps out of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Only a few PS4 launch games run at a native 1080p, and fewer still can boast a locked 60fps

To achieve the standard PC gamers have enjoyed for years – and what legendary Doom creator John Carmack recently demanded for this generation – small compromises have to be made. Whether it’s paring down art assets slightly or becoming less obsessed with polygon counts, studios have to lock in PS4 games at that magic 1080p/60fps axis. And when they do, you’ll finally get to bathe in the truly next-gen technical experience you’ve always wanted.

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