Thief PS4 beginner tips – steal the advantage with our PS4 guide

Thief PS4

Thief tips: you can fight one guard easily but avoid two or more at all costs.

Thief PS4 beginner tips – PS4 guide


Don’t be afraid of combat

One-on-one you can take on any guard with ease in Thief. Just use L1 and the left stick to dodge incoming attacks and fight back with R1 each time. Even without any upgrades you can take an enemy down with three or four hits. Just make sure you only fight one at a time. Once you’re up against numbers it’s much harder – you’ll have to dodge multiple blows and find it much hard to take people down permanently.

Look up

Much of a level’s loot can be hidden away, as are alternate routes and hidden rooms. Look up in the city hub for example and you’ll find a few trap doors hidden in ceilings that aren’t immediately obvious. The rope beams you need for your rope arrows can also be occasionally hidden or tucked out of sight, as are vents and other options.

Look down

Broken glass is your main threat and will alert guards and birds if you walk over it at full speed. At a slower pace it’ll still make noise but is far less likely to set off an alarm. Surprisingly just as dangerous is paper which is much easier to miss in the murk but can make quite the racket if you blunder over it.

Thief Tips: it’s easy to miss alternate routes and loot if you don’t look up all the time.

Shout, slap & throw to lure guards

As mentioned before the guards aren’t the brightest bunch and are easy to manipulate. Throwing an object is an obvious way to send them in the wrong direction but you can only carry one throwable at a time. Instead you can use arrows at range, or your blackjack to hit nearby scenery to get their attention. You can even use yourself – letting them see you just enough to investigate without being alerted – or hook up the camera or mic and you can even shout.

Take care climbing

Using L2 to climb and freerun can be a little touchy at times. Whenever you’re in a dangerous situation remember to squeeze the trigger rather than holding it to take things quietly, one at a time. Hold it down and you could slide over something, popping out of cover and giving yourself away.

Use the mini map

If you get lost or need to check your location don’t forget you can tap down on the D-pad to turn an on-screen mini-map on or off and get your bearings.

Switch off the objective marker

If you want a more old school Thief experience and increase you chances of finding loot then switch off the objective marker in the city hub. It’ll encourage you to explore a bit more randomly, hopefully finding a few new locations or opportunities than you might with a direction constantly in the corner of your eye.