Thief PS4 beginner tips – steal the advantage with our PS4 guide

Thief PS4 beginner tips – PS4 guide

Here’s a few Thief beginner tips on PS4 to guide you through your first few hours as a tea-leaf. There’s a range of general thieving help, combat pointers and some other crucial tricks you’ll want to know before you start picking your first pocket or two.

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Never underestimate the Swoop

The Swoop is a very overpowered move which is easy to abuse. Tap or hold X to execute a swift dash of different lengths that’s fast and silent providing you don’t shoot over broken glass or past a bird. As long as you don’t actually tread on a guard’s toes or pass in front of their face you can practically swoop inches from them without getting caught.

Get the wrench and wire cutter as soon as

These are classed as upgrades but are so essential you should make a point of getting them as soon as you possibly can. The wrench gives you access to vents and alternate routes (as well as letting you steal the collectable city plaques) while the wire cutters let you disarm traps protecting doors and chests. The razor’s also a good call as you can’t get the painting collectables until you have it.

Top Thief tip is to get the wire cutters as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Beware the birds and the.. dogs

You’ll get a tutorial about birds right at the start of the game. They’re used as alarms, making a fuss if you move too fast near them. Sounds easy enough to remember but the cages can be hard to see in the gloom sometimes, and it only takes a moments broken concentration to swoop past one and set it squawking. Dogs on the over hand simply know you’re there and will be alerted via proximity. Best avoid them all together or, if you’re feeling heartless, shoot them from a distance.

Collect every document, and listen

It’s not actually that hard to hear incidental conversation as the game seems to broadcast it directly into Garratt’s brain. It can be a useful source of info though, occasionally letting you in on loot locations or security plans. Also collect and check all the documents you can pick up for similar info and, crucially, safe combinations. The latter are usually always left nearby.

thief focus mode ps4 tips guide

Another Thief tip: focus mode persists after use so take advantage of that to save the power.

Tap focus

Early doors, before upgrades, focus can be depleted fast. Get into the habit of tapping it on and off with triangle. Loot and interactive items will glow briefly for a second afterwards and can actually stand out more clearly against the dark background outside of focus mode.

If caught, run

On the default difficulty level the AI really are as dumb as a bag of hammers. Most of the time you can lose a fully alerted group of guards by simply running away. Providing you don’t run into another enemy you’ll only need to clear a couple of corners before he decides you’ve escaped. Be careful climbing as well as if they see you and you get trapped on a cupboard it’s easy to be shot to death.