New The Order gameplay info & video clips – combat, cover & controls detailed

As well as the old The Order 1886 gameplay video just released there’s also a bunch of new information covering The Order‘s tech, combat and some interesting touchpad features on the DualShock.

New The Order gameplay – combat, cover & controls detailed

The original gameplay showed a QTE section giving you some options to choose when taking down an enemy hand-to-hand. While the example was a simple A or B decision Ready At Dawn‘s creative director Ru Weerasuriya says there will be “more melee modes that will give you some complex options”.

He says the studio is “leveraging some of the things we’ve learned in the past, even from the platformer days. We want to supplement ranged combat with something that players don’t expect”. For the gunplay Weerasuriya says “the more you get to see of the weapons, you’ll realise that they’re actually not that outlandish or futuristic. “We don’t twist the  technology – what we twist is its use”.

As far as the cover system goes – one of the things that seemed to disappoint some last week – Weerasuriya is promising the studio’s “tried to build a bit more reality into [it]“. One thing he mentions are “traversal modes” and the ability to go “seamlessly from ‘full cover’ into ‘soft cover’ as you move away from an object”. It sounds like there’ll be some contextual elements to how you use it, possibly mixing a button-controlled lock with a more proximity-based animation (like Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us. “Imagine you’re in cover,” he explains, “you’re shooting at something and you want to pop out. You don’t just stick your head up, right? You’d still stay low. We’ve tried to build a bit more reality into the system.”

In terms of control the previously rumoured use of the controller’s touchpad to send Morse code to airships has been confirmed, something that came from Ready At Dawn “testing all the different things we could do”. To use the function you use the monocular to sight a nearby airship and then send messages on the pad to give your location. “Tapping out Morse code just worked so well” says Weerasuriya. “The issue is that the more complex and involved controller inputs get, the more it removes you from the immersive core experience. We don’t want to use it too much; we’re only using it for actions that feel natural”.

The Order New gameplay & details

The monocular itself has been built for “multipurpose use”, with Weerasuriya indictating there will be several “different modes of gameplay in which it will be implemented”. What those will be seems to still be quite fluid. “We have a lot of other devices like this that we’re trying to implement. Of course, there are always more ideas than we can fit into the game, so it’s a question of which ones will stick.”

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