MGS 5 Ground Zeroes iDROID app features explained – watch targeted soldiers, call choppers & see where others died

Konami has released more details on Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes iDROID companion app which is available both in-game or as a stand alone application for tablets.

MGS 5 Ground Zeroes iDROID app features explained

In-game iDROID appears as Snake’s handset but it can also be accessed externally and lets you you check your stats, progress as well as the following:

  • Map.
  • Tracking targeted soldiers.
  • Calling in helicopter.
  • Heat map – showing where other players died.
  • Listen to cassette tapes containing both background info and music.
  • Customising Mother Base.

Mother Base is Snake’s home/hub and functions in a similar way to Peace Walker. You’ll be able to customise the layout and functionality and recruit new allies in Ground Zeroes ranging from POWs to VIPs. The choices you make here and resources you gather will then be added to your Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain.

So far only the Japanese release date for the app is confirmed. However that matches the release date of the game which is the same here: March 20th.

Thanks Siliconera.