Sony’s PS4 VR head set due to be announced March 17th at GDC 2014 according to source

Sony are allegedly due to reveal its oft rumoured Oculus Rift style virtual reality headset for PS4 at this year’s GDC, which starts on March 17th.

Sony’s PS4 VR head set due to be announced at GDC

The idea of a Sony VR headset’s been floating around for a while with numerous reports of its imminent announcement at a variety of shows last year. In particular the Tokyo Game Show was hotly tipped as the ta-da moment, only for it to be one of many no shows.

Now sources are pointing at March’s GDC with a focus on games to follow at E3 (The Witness recently teased Oculus Rift compatibility but is on PC too, dodging any PS4 confirmation). Speaking to Techradar the source says “The quality and resolution are really, really good” and that “people will definitely be impressed with what Sony’s built”. The delay has apparently been a result of Sony’s desire to perfect the device before revealing it.

The Witness which is also in development for PC has confirmed Oculus Rift compatibility while some rumours have pointed to Driveclub being retooled for the headset, part of the reason for its delay.

Thanks Techradar.