What’s the best game on PS4 so far? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate


So PS4‘s been around a few months. Time to ask Team OPM what the best game is so far. Surprisingly there were no fights and everyone picked some widely different choices. Do you agree? What’s your best PlayStation 4 pick to date.

What’s the best game on PS4 so far?

Jason Killingsworth,

former – features editor

Resogun has the best light show of the new gen – and some cracking gameplay, too.

When Sony first revealed its plans for PS4, the company did its best to emphasise the numerous measures taken to wipe out the dead air that became an unfortunate hallmark of the PS3 generation. Resogun isn’t just a phenomenal arcade shoot-em-up and a stand-out launch title – it’s the very embodiment of Sony’s next-gen mission to get you into the fun more rapidly. The game doesn’t get bogged down in trying to tell an epic story either, it simply throws you into the action and tells you to save the last humans. Then it’s up to you to learn its ways and blast your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Louise Blain, contributing writer

Adventuring fun, nothing comes close to taking the helm of The mighty Jackdaw.

It’s the tiny details as you ignore the free run button for once – u to i? Cheeky Ubi – and take in the lapping azure waters or the golden beaches of lonely desert islands. The tricksy distractions of ‘oooh, is that a shoal of fish?’ and the billowing smoke and explosions on the deck of a ship you’ve just swung onto to plunder without a single loading sequence. Assassin’s Creed IV is an endless breadth of beautiful possibility on PS4. Even the social discovery elements are like being in some kind of Sony promo video. Most excitingly, this is only the rum-scented beginning.


Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, production editor

Guerrilla’s latest epic is a tasty glimpse into the future of PS4.

Okay, games like ACIV might have purdy oceans and souped-up sea vessels, but a big game doesn’t necessarily mean a better one. Why invest your time in a game you can play on a seven-year old machine when you can look to the stars and embrace a war built with new horizons in mind?

Killzone: Shadow Fall isn’t just the breath of fresh air the series has been crying out for, but also a declaration of what PS4 can do in year zero, never mind seven cycles down the line. It may have more lens flare than a J.J. Abrams wet dream, but at least it’s got big enough cajones to offer something other than next-gen attack dogs.


Ben Wilson, former-editor

It has to be my favourite footy sim since PES 6: the beautiful game itself, FIFA 14.

Sure, there were plenty of quality reskins available at launch: Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and even Ubi’s gorgeous pirate panto. But EA’s latest footballing colossus truly broke the mould by delivering enhancements that weren’t purely visual: the AI is much smarter, movement is far more intricate and there’s a wealth of off-pitch details. It’s also butterly smooth to play, and just looks and, – more importantly – feels like real football. Over Christmas, my new console stopped being a PS4 and simply became The FIFA 14 Machine. And my love for it runs so deep I can’t even pretend to be sorry.