Rime is basically a prettier Don’t Starve according to leaked design documents

Rime ps4

PS4 exclusive Rime has been revealed to be a survival and crafting game with no fixed objective other than staying alive. It was originally pitched as “Gauntlet meets Minecraft meets Jason & the Argonauts”.

Rime is basically a prettier Don’t Starve

The new info actually comes from a series of documents used to pitch the game to Microsoft. While it passed on the game the paperwork sheds some light on what the game’s about (at least was originally, back in 2012).

The documents outline an experience built around exploration and emergent gameplay as the player gathers resources, equipment and supplies during the day to survive attacks at night. There’s no “predefined quest tree” instead the narrative is about the player’s attempts to scout the island they’re trapped on and stay alive. Some gear can be crafted on the go while other stuff will require special stations. Equipment also needs to be maintained and repaired. The combat is described as “old-school action games and tower defense”.

The games activities are split between a day and night cycle:

Daytime activities

  • hunt and craft
  • Find shelter
  • stock up and prepare your defences
  • look for allies
  • get your equipment ready

Night time activities

  • Fight hordes of supernatural enemies
  • heal yourself and repair your weapons
  • reload and repair your defences
  • open and escape route

Thanks VG Leaks.