Evolve, Alien Isolation & inFamous Second Son – Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

This month’s mag has a look at Evolve, Turtle Rock’s new co-op monster hunter. There’s more creature tracking with Alien Isolation and we go hands on with inFamous Second Son.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

The cover feature this month is Evolve. It’s a 4v1 co-op shooter that has a team of hunters trying to take down a range of large angry monsters. Phil’s been to play it and spent some time getting used to the various human classes (trappers, assault and so on) and the creature controlling gameplay. Our twelve page feature breaks all that down, along with weapon types and a wildlife guide to explain everything.

Continuing the hands on we’ve also been playing Thief and found a game that might be having a few issues on PS4. After a few hours robbing and sneaking what we’ve played is decent enough at what it does but doesn’t always feel truly next-gen.

And, in completely the opposite direction, there’s inFamous Second Son which, after spending some time flying around Seattle being all superhero-y, is feeling every inch a next-gen game. We’ve played some missions, messed some stuff up and you can find what we thought about it in this month’s mag.

Elsewhere we’ve another look at Alien Isolation. Last month’s cover game is turning out to be a surprisingly stern take on stealth as we try to escape the alien with the minimum amount of jumping like a wuss. Think Outlast only with way more teeth and cool ’70s retro-sci-fi make over.

Then there’s the rest: previews, reviews features and more. There are Minecraft tips, what you voted PS3′s worse game, new info on The Division and it’s amazing next-gen Snowdrop engine, plus a look at what’s (probably) on you favourite PlayStation stars iPods.

If you like the look of all that then it’s in the shops now. If you want to save money you can get a print or digital subscription with up to a 32% saving. You can also grab an interactive copy on Apple Newsstand (with a one month free trial) or read Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio.