First Destiny vehicle revealed – The Shrike

PS4‘s MMO shooter Destiny has revealed its first vehicle, the Shrike – a personal transport with a lot of Star Wars speeder bike styling to its design.

First Destiny vehicle revealed – The Shrike

Here’s how Bungie describe the Shrike:

“It’s sleek, nimble, and fast – a worthy mount for any hero who risks life and limb to explore the lost settlements of our Golden Age. Guardians aboard Shrikes rocket across the frontier borne on contrails of light, delivered to the action at breakneck speed. In imagining your personal transport, Isaac Hannaford embraced a concept of the Shrike as your very own pride and joy. ‘We wanted to give Guardians the experience of having a glorious beast to convey them from place to place – something that represented them.’”

It apparently lack weapons, instead boasting reliability and the option to summon it at will. There’s also hints that it will be customisable with Bungie stating “The Shrike is something that you’ll upgrade over time in Destiny”, although there’s only mention of colour schemes so far.

The Shrike is described as awork in progress and “just one vehicle in an ongoing series”

Thanks Bungie.