Kojima explains MGS Ground Zeroes’ two-hour length to fans

hideo kojima

Responding to the widespread negative reaction among fans after it was revealed that MGS V: Ground Zeroes is around two hours long, Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to clarify the game’s content. There are 5 side ops, and a non-linear design, he says. But is that enough to justify selling Ground Zeroes at full price?

Kojima explains MGSV: Ground Zeroes’ two-hour length to fans

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This all began when it was revealed that Ground Zeroes would be a sub-two-hour game that could be speedrun in five minutes. The news divided fans, who were less than chomping at the bit to pay £40 for a movie-length videogame. Kojima tweeted the following in response:

So, there that is. Will it satisfy disappointed fans? Let’s see.