Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Underground Lab document & notes locations


Document 25

The Pride Of Wisdom

When you enter the main reception for the underground lab you’ll find the document on the desk.





Document 26

Variant Postmortem

From the reception head down the corridor, though the double doors and look for autopsy room A004, the second on your left. The document will be on the slab.




Document 27

Gods and monsters

Just after you leave the decontamination chamber and turn right at the sign for the Morphogenic Engine Chambers you’ll come to a room and find the document under a dead guard’s hand.




Document 28

Morphogenic Engine Chamber Precautions

When you enter the machine chamber you’ll find the document on the equipment keyboard to the right of Billy’s pod.



Document 29

The Modern Prometheus

At the very top of the vat room you’ll find an observation area with a document on the desk in front of all the computer monitors.





Document 30

Permission to proceed

When you get to the top of some stairs and see the ‘E block’ sign the document will bo on the dek in the alcove on the left.




Note 25

Under the mountain

Film the reception area of the underground lab as you enter it.





Note 26

Morphogenic Formula

When you pass the orange window showing a door to the outside world turn right and go through into the room where you’ll find a blackboard. Film the equation.




Note 27

Death Of The Soldier

When you’re trying to escape from the Walrider you’ll run into Chris Walker. The Walrider will then attack Walker – film his death to get the note.




Note 28

Wernicke’s Machine

When you’re on the way to turn off Billy’s life support film the big ball thing as you enter the room.





Note 29

Billy’s Hope

When you enter the main machine room film Billy in his pod.





Note 30

Life support

When you’re en-route to disconnect Billy’s life support fluid, film the tanks when you first see them.




Note 31

Death Of Hope

After the final Walrider attack film Billy’s bloody pod.