Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Return to Administration Block document & notes locations 

Document 21

Billy’s Dreams

When you enter the air vent to escape Chris Walker you’ll see a body ahead of you. Turn right before that and you’ll come to a room with the document on the desk.




Document 22

The Spirit Breach

After you’ve pushed the body from the vent and dropped down head to the library on your left and find the document by the computer monitor in the right and corner.




Document 23

Necrotizing Fasciitis

When you get out of the cinema area you’ll pass down a dark locker lined corridor with some stairs at the end. Go past the stair into the room at the end to find the document up a couple of steps.




Document 24

The Gospel of Judas

When you find the rooms full of praying patients but before you climb out of the window, look for room B329 where you’ll find the document on the desk inside.



Note 22

The Wernicke Exit Interview

When the projector starts in the cinema simply film the screen.





Note 23

Static Prayer

When you enter the room with the large windows (there’ll be a man standing in front of them) turn left into the darkness and go through the door. Continue down the corridor until you reach a room with a pool table and a man praying in front of a TV. Film him.



Note 24

The passion of Father Martin

Film Father Martin as he burns.





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