Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Female Ward document & note locations

Document 18

Walrider and Nightmares

Near the beginning of the area you’ll enter a long dark corridor with a stairwell at the end. Go past it to find the document at the back underneath.




Document 19

Project Paperclip Excerpt

In the lobby with the broken lift and upturned wheelchair take the stairs to the left of the elevator and keep going until you reach a room. The document will be in the far left corner.




Document 20

You Promised Me a Rose Garden

After you fall through the floor you’ll have to climb back up to get to a door. When you enter the room turn left and find the corner where the report will be on a bed.



Note 19

The sound in the machine

As you enter the female ward you’ll squeeze through a gap and see Chris Walker pass in front of you. When you turn left to climb through a window there will be a washing machine making a noise you need to film.




Note 20

No safe place

When you reach the central lobby with the stairwells and blocked off elevator film the dead body in side the lift.





Note 21


When you reach a T-junction in the dark the Walrider will go past heading left to right. Follow him to find the candle lit room you need to film.





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