Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Courtyard document & note locations


Document 16

MKULTRA Program Excerpt

When you see the tempting exit with the scrap of red cloth go into the office on the right and find the except on the to the right.





Document 17

Our Own Personal Calvary

When you get outside head straight past the fountain and look for the stair leading up with a lamp post lighting them up. The document will be at the top of the first flight under the message “how alive are you” written on the wall.



Note 17

The thing in the dark

Another freebie here. Soon after entering the maintenance shed you’ll enter a dark area forcing you to turn the camera on. When you open the door something will attack you.




Note 18

Don’t drink the water

Just after you’re told to find Father Martin in the Female Ward you’ll see a fountain on the right full of bodies. Film it.





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