Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Male Ward document & note locations

Document 13

Project Walrider Cost Report

Shortly after pushing aside a container you’ll come to a hospital full of empty blood stained beds. Keep going forwards and follow the room around to the right to find the cost report next to a wheelchair.




Document 14

Request for reassignment

As part of your travels you’ll pass through an air vent that drops you in front of a toilet. Open the dtall on the far right to find the request on a trolley.




Document 14

Persecutorial Delusions

After speaking to Father Martin turn left into the dark corridor then right to find this locker room. Go past the dead guard and you’ll find the document around the corner.




Document 15

Psychopathological Proximity Stress Disorder Pamphlet

After leaving the burning room you’ll come to a squeeze gap. Before going through it turn right and keep going until you reach a dark room with large windows. You’ll find the pamphlet on a table in the left hand corner.



Note 11

A feast for flies

Just after you squeeze through the narrow gap and come to the stairs with the Male Ward sign there’s a door straight on in the darkness. Go up to the glass and film the bodies.




Note 12

Organised torture

After reaching the torture chamber behind the movable crate turn left to find a dark room. Film the writing on the wall.




Note 13

Dr. Rick Trager

After escaping Dr Rick minus your fingers you’ll find another patient trussed up in bed. Hide where you can get a clear shot and film Trager coming in and killing him.




Note 14

Death of Trager

Once Trager’s met his end and stopped thrashing about film his body in the elevator.





Note 15

Let it burn

When you find the man sat talking in the burning room, stop to film him.




Note 16


When you enter the kitchen you’ll be attacked by a man who runs off. Once he’s gone turn left and back on yourself where you’ll find a door. Go in side and film the bowl of fingers.




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