Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast sewer documents & note locations

Document 10

The Gospel Of Sand

When the level starts you’ll go through a small hole. When you come out turn left then right to find the document by a broken ladder and half and arm.




Document 11

Still bleeding

In the sewers you ‘ll end up in a dark flooded area. You’ll find some steps taking you out of the water and past a dead body hung over the railing. Pass that and drop down back into the water. Move forwards until you see a lit area. Just to the right of it will be a gantry you can jump up to leading to a room with the document next to a body.


Note 10

The Doctor is dead

Shortly after draining the sewer and recieving the object to escape them you’ll climb a ladder and pass down a long straight passage. There’s be a room on the left with a patient in a shelter. Film him talking.




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