Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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Outlast Prison Block documents & note locations

Document 6

Father Martin, Finger Painter

Following Father Martin’s instructions should lead you to a man by a wall with the message ‘down the drain’ painted on it. Instead of going down the hole turn left and find the document at the back of the corridor.




Document 7

Purge gate maintenance memo

When you shimmy the ledge to reach the next floor you should find a camera/security room with it’s a single large smashed window. Hop in and find the memo on the desk to the right.



Document 8

Dr. Wernicke Death Certificate

After coming through the dark area that looks like a laundry room you’ll come out into a corridor with a mop and buck in it. turn right into the darkness then left where you should find a room with a restraining chair in. The death certificate will be on the desk to your right.



Document 9

Dr. Wernicke Obituary

After making the ledge jump on the upper level you’ll see a cell on your left with the door a jar. Go inside and find the obituary on the bedside table.




Note 6

Father Martin’s Cell

Another easy one: just record the walls of the cell you wake up in.





Note 7


As you escape the prison block you’ll squeeze through a crack in the wall and then climb up through a hole in the ceiling. As soon as you’re up film the man and his friend.



Note 8

Total Security

Once through the damaged decontamination chamber you’ll head through a corridor over looking the prison area you were in before. Have your camera at the ready to record Chris Walker as he pulls a man’s head off.




Note 9


When you drop through the hole in the cell floor you’ll be able to enter a tiled shower area where you need to film the words ‘Walrider’ written on the walls in blood.




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