Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

Outlast Administration Block documents & notes locations

Document 1

Project Walrider Patient Status Report for William Hope

In the first corridor you enter after leaving the broken TV, go through the gap and open the second door on your left to see the ‘Project Walrider Patient Status Report for William Hope’ on the desk.



Document 2

Warrant for Seizure

After you’ve been thrown through the window and landed in the reception area, go behind the desk to find the warrant.





Document 3

Project Walrider Patient Status Report for Chris Walker

Head through the office full of computers next to reception and into the room at the back with the metal shelves. The Chris Walker report will be off to the right on a shelf in the shadows.




Document 4

Project Walrider Profitability Report

Head past the security room and look go through the next door on you left marked A 126. The Profitability Report will be on the desk at the back.



Document 5

MKULTRA CIA Hypnotic Homicide

When you can get into the basement you’re force though a gap in wall. The CIA report is on your right past the sink.




Note 1

Mount Massive Asylum

Hard to miss as it’s part of the tutorial. Simply point your camcorder at the asylum once you’re past the gate.




Note 2

I’m Inside

Another one you can’t miss. Head into the library and look at the man on a stick as he’s speaking.





Note 3

Broken Men and Dead Television

Pass the man in the wheelchair and record the room full of people watching the broken, blood spattered TV.




Note 4

The Witness

When you head towards the security room you’ll see a man at the far end of the corrdidor breaking down a door. Turn left into the toilets and open the middle cubicle to record the body and the message on the wall.




Note 5

Big F*cking Guy

When you’re hiding in the security room locker as Chris Walker breaks in film him looking for you.





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