New Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros gameplay info, new mechanics &… wait *how* long?

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes

New info on Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zero‘s gameplay has explained more on the new systems, weapons, mechanics & guard AI. It’s also confirmed a sub-two hour length with Konami’s own speed runners able to finish in five minutes.

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New Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros gameplay info

I got the feeling it was going to be short – the whole prologue/tutorial thing always sounded like Konami had just chopped the first mission off to keep people happy while the ‘main’ game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, was in development. Late 2015 release, I’m calling it now.

According to information in the new GI, Konami’s playtesters have been finishing the story mission in less than two hours, with the speedrunners clocking five minutes. While that’s real short, the army base, Camp Omega, can be infiltrated in a number of ways, hopefully extending the experience through replays. Plus there are are leaderboards and “a handful” of side missions unlocked by collecting XOF patches, but still, short game. At least it apparently looks “slightly better” on PS4.

Here’s some more gameplay info:

  • There’s a binocular mechanic to tag enemies similar to Far Cry 3′s system which can be switched off if you don’t want it.
  • The bullet-time mode previously seen – giving you a few seconds of slow-mo to shoot a guard when he sees you – can also be switched off.
  • Guard patrols are “wider and unpredictable”. Alert statuses are no longer depleted by a counter. Instead you’ll have to watch behaviour and listen to radio transmissions. When discovered a directional indicator shows threats.
  • Any weapon you find can be used and fired both first and third person. Inventory management now uses the d-pad which replaces the old system.
  • As already seen capturing a guard lets you choose between interrogate, knock out or kill. The interrogation option can reveal ammo and secret passages.
  • Vehicles are apparently difficult to learn while turning circles are described as “pitiful”.

Thanks CVG, Kotaku