Alien Isolation lets you “craft devices & things to use to defend yourself”

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Alien Isolation lead designer Gary Napper has explained more about the crafting system that will let you build devices to defend yourself. However, the Xenomorph will learn from encounters meaning traps and other creations will become increasingly less effective, or even only work once.

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Alien Isolation lets you “craft things to use to defend yourself”

Napper explains, “We have a crafting system in the game. You find things in the environment and you can craft devices and things to use to defend yourself”. The sort of things found so far in the demo have included gel and scrap parts. “If you can imagine being stuck in this massive space station, what you would scavenge and find to defend yourself is our direction, and what we’ve tried to create with a lot of the abilities”.

However the things you create won’t be a long lived help. “Finding something you can use, it might work as a once off, and you’re like ‘yes’ and the next time it might not work as well” explains Napper. “Slowly you suddenly realise that this thing is learning from you and adapting to how you play”.

While there are what the team describe as “small fire arms” one thing you won’t be making is any tin can rocket launchers. “We do have a selection of weapons you can find in the Space Station,” says Napper. “It’s like I said before, it’s about scavenging and finding things you can imagine to be in that environment, small fire arms and stuff like that you can craft basic rudeimentary devices from. We’re not giving you plasma rifles, launchers and electric guns and stuff like that. It needs to stay within that chunky realm of believability.”