Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Geothermal Caverns Challenge

Fire starter – Burn 6 sacks


Tomb raider sack 1Sack 1

Just before the first clould of gas you’ll find the sack hung up in the rafters. If it’s too dark to see use instinct to highlight it.





Tomb raider sack 2Sack 2

In the largest central cavern you’ll find the sack high up on the ceiling on the South side of the middle wall next to a pillar.





Tomb raider sack 3Sack 3

At the corridor lined with cells in the Northeast look out for some wooden beams hanging down like a portcullis with a light bulb behind them. You’ll find the sack directly behind that.




Tomb raider sack 4Sack 4

When you pass over the gate look into the distance to see a sack on the far wall.





Tomb raider sack 5Sack 5

Once past the gate look back to the door you climbed over to see the sack hanging there to the left of the gas stream.





Tomb raider sack 6Sack 6

At the far North of of the map you’ll find a path leading West with some torch-waving enemies. When you see this fence (shortly after stealth killing a guard) the sack will be up to the right tucked into the ceiling.




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