Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Shanty Town Challenge

Laid to rest – Destroy 5 effigies


Tomb Raider effigy 1Effigy 1

Near the fast travel camp in the South-east part of the town there’s a tomb (near a tree with some bodies hanging from it) look up and to the left of the entrance to see a white sheet – burn that away to uncover the effigy.





Tomb Raider effigy 2Effigy 2

Get on top of the windmill and behind it there’s a cliff face around to the left with another white sheet on it. Burn that to expose the effigy and destroy it.





Tomb Raider effigy 3Effigy 3

In the southern area of the map there’s a large observation tower style structure with a rope bridge running from it. The effigy is behind the white sheet flapping under the platform.





tomb raider effigy 4Effigy 4

In the central area with the water, look for a catwalk with a hanging create in front of it. Climb up there to see the sheet/effigy on the cliff face to the left.




Tomb Raider effigy 5Effigy 5

You can find the final effigy by taking the zipline down from where you found number 4 and head West. You’ll see the sheet hiding the effigy on the wall above the water in the central area.




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