Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Mountain base Challenge

Non-believers – Burn 5 banners


Banner 1

As you enter the base look for a doorway on the left next to a fire extinguisher and opposite a stairway. Head in there to find the banner above a rug.





Banner 2

When you climb through a hole to reach the room with the large window, turn around and find the banner under the vent you came in through. Grab a torch and throw to take it out.



Banner 3

Shortly after you acquire the machine gun make a right and look for some fires and generators. The banner will be tucked in a corner on the far right.




Banner 4

After being ambushed in the large room head to the back where you’ll find a door next to a big electronic… thing and ‘FLAMES’ written on the wall. Inside on the right you’ll find the banner.




Banner 5

As you head to the radio you’ll you’ll see a door at the end of a short corridor with barrels on the right wall. Head through and find the poster immediately on the right wall after the door.





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