Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Mountain Village Challenge

Poacher  РCollect 5 eggs


Tomb Raider egg 1Egg 1

When you first enter the village head up the stairs until you see a shack built into the cliff face ahead of you. The first egg will be on the roof of the building to your right. Jump over to reach it.




Tomb raider egg 2Egg 2

Head to the Northwest of the village and look for a log that cross over to a climbing wall leading up to a small structure with two lanterns hanging from the roof. Head over the gap but ignore the climbing wall and go around the path to find the egg around the back.



Tomb raider egg 3

Egg 3

Head to the Northwest area of the map and look for a central pillar with a red flag and a zipline post. Shoot the post and slide over to get the egg.




Tomb raider egg 4Egg 4

Get to your Southern camp and then head East to where the crashed plane is. Get up the cliff side so you’re looking down on the area from a ledge with a wooden arch and a lantern. Turn left and jump onto the nearby rooftop to find the egg just on the other side.


Tomb raider egg 5Egg 5

North of village you’ll find a large waterfall and a tumbledown multi-story building with lot of white surfaces to wall-run up. Get to the top level and there’ll be a box to hop up to the roof where you’ll find the egg.




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