Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Mountain Village Challenge

Illumination – Light 10 statues


Tomb Raider Mountain village statue 1Statues 1

You can’t miss the first statue. It’s to your right as you first enter the Mountain Village.





Tomb raider mountain statue 2Statue 2

As part of the mission objective “Reach The Top Of The Falls” you’ll see the statue on the other side of the waterfall.





Tomb raider mountain statue 3Statue 3

After the game first enters daylight you’ll find this statue down some stairs, on the left  near a cart ramp and zipline.





Tomb raider mountain statue 4Statue 4

After lighting statue 3 go down the zipline via the cart ramp and you’ll pass stature 4 on your left. Simply double back on yourself as soon as you land and go up the stairs to reach a ledge and light it.




Tomb raider mountain statue 5

Statue 5

This is basically a freebie during mission progression: wait for the soldiers to move away and light it.





Statue 6

When you come to the zipline after statue 5 redirect the rope to the left hand side where you’ll see the sixth statue on the ledge below waiting for you.




Tomb raider mountain statue 7

Statue 7

The seventh statue is on the lower central platform. Jump or zipline down and head up the short flight of stairs to find it tucked around the back.





Tomb raider mountain statue 8Statue 8

Head directly south towards your camp after the monastery. When you see a white post on the other side of a river zipline over and turn back on yourself where you should see the statue on the other bank.




tomb raider statue 9Statue 9

Explore the higher levels in the South-west area and you should find the top of a red bar you can reach by jumping. Leap on to it and walk over where you’ll see a crate just on the left and the statue beyond that.




tomb raider statue 10Statue 10

Head to the far south of the village and look for some ramshackle stone steps in front of a bleached white wooden section. Run up the wood and find the statue on the level above.




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