Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Mountain Temple Challenge

Pyromaniac – Destroy 5 lanterns


Tomb Raider lantern 1Lantern 1

In the first temple area you’ll find the first lantern nestled inside the roof on the second floor of the first building you come across.





Tomb Raider lantern 2Lantern 2

Look for a waterfall between two buildings. If you haven’t killed them you’ll see the torches of two guards on either side. The lantern will be hanging over the opening where the waterfall comes out.




Tomb Raider lantern 3

Lantern 3

Head up to the mountain’s higher levels and look for a building that runs alongside a cliff edge. The lantern will be hanging under the roof of the building on the left-hand side facing the cliff.





Tomb Raider lantern 4Lantern 4

Look for the large open area with some stone steps leading up. Where the path drops away looks for a large multi story building. The lantern is hanging on the right hand side of the top most floor.




Tomb Raider latern 5Lantern 5

The final lantern is required to proceed so you can’t miss it. Just follow the game’s prompts and shoot it to burn away the blockage and proceed.





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