Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

Tomb Raider Coastal Forest Challenge

Ghost Hunter – Destroy 10 totems


Totem 1

The first totem is a little before your first base camp but obviously you can’t shoot it until you have the bow. Once you get that, go back to your camp and head left where you’ll see it hanging off a tree just past a ledge.




Totem 2

In the North West of the forest there’s a log you can use to cross over some rocks. Go under it and you’ll see the totem hanging underneath against the rock to the right




Totem 3

Head Southwest and look for a large tree up against a cliff face. The totem will be hanging off the tip of a smaller spindly limb next to it.




Totem 4

Head back towards your first camp and look for three large rocks around that area. On the South side of the formation you should see two thin trees. The totem will be just under the top of the rock there.



Totem 5

Find the area with a bunker and an overgrown crashed truck. Stand with the truck to your left and you should see the totem hanging from the horizontal branch above you slightly to the right. Now head to the second forest area for the rest.




Totem 6

Find the shrine with the broken statue in the Northwest. The totem will be hanging from the very left hand corner of the shrine’s roof as you face it.




Totem 7

Head south from the shrine to where you’ll find the large unbroken bridge. You’ll find the totem to the right of the lantern as you approach the crossing.





Totem 8

Head to the far west of the forest area where you’ll find a large broken bridge. Drop down and look up to see the totem hanging on the underside of the broken left hand edge.




Totem 9

In the centre of the forest look for the smaller bridge (the one without large arches overhead). Go into the river and look underneath to find the ninth totem.




Totem 10

Go to the large entrance/gate where you meet Whitman, towards the end of this area. You’ll find the final totem on the far right of the wooden structure, tucked under the roof next to a pillar.




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