Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Cliffside Bunker Challenge

Previous Inhabitants – Burn 4 flags


Tomb Raider flag 1Flag 1

When you enter the first battery go behind the broken gun barrel and find your first flag on the wall to the left.





Tomb Raider flag 2Flag 2

When you first get on to the building roof look over the big hole to the Northeast before jumping down to progress and you’ll see an orange supply box and the flag on the far wall.




Tomb Raider flag 3

Flag 3

After being attacked in the large room go over the swing pole and up the ladder made from wires. Turn right and look past the blue barrel to see the flag on the far wall.




Tomb Raider flag 4Flag 4

When you get to the Endurance overlook camp site you’ll be a near a large crane. The final flag is way up on the side of the crane tower.




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