Tomb Raider Definitive Edition challenge guide – PS4 tips to find everything

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Tomb Raider Shipwreck Beach Challenge

Mine sweeper – Destroy 10 mines


Tomb Riader Mine 1Mine 1

Go East from where your friends are holed up and the first mine is sat in the sand up against the wall near the Northern tomb entrance.





Tomb Raider Mine 2Mine 2

Follow the water line to the West and then South towards the South Eastern part of the beach where you’ll find the mine near some steps.




Tomb Riader Mine 3

Mine 3

When you’re heading across the wooden dock towards the large ship, stop halfway when you see a boat with white bits, or a large anchor stuck in the sand. The mine should be in the sea just over the side of the bridge.




Tomb Riader Mine 4Mine 4

Just after the collapsing mast on the wooden ship head forwards and when you reach the front, look East to see the mine in the water.


Tomb Raider Mine 5

Mine 5

In the South beach area there’s a section where you cross some platforms. When you find yourself standing on the large brown metal pillars near a hanging crate jump to a similar looking platform below you and look down to see the mine.


Tomb Raider Mine 6Mine 6

Still in the Southern part of the map, Southwest of a tomb you’ll find a the brick pillars of a broken bridgeĀ  From the beach (near where you took out a couple of guards above you) look past the pillars and see the mine in the distance on the sand.




Tomb Raider Mine 6Mine 7

West of the Southern beach tomb find the fenced ocean path with waves breaking against it. Look out to sea and you’ll find the mine tucked in against the hull of the nearby wreck.





Tomb Raider Mine 8Mine 8

Go as far South East as you can and look out for a large mast with ropes tied around the base emerging from the sand. Go past it and turn right to find the mine hidden behind a rock




Tomb Raider Mine 9Mine 9

Again head South but this time follow the waterline to the West. Head out as far as you can and when you end up on a thin rock outcrop look far West where the mine can be seen periodically bobbing out of the water.




Tomb Raider mine 10Mine 10

In the Western beach area there’s a ship at the end of the dock. Before crossing the mast go to the left of ship where the side is split open. You should see some red canisters and a lifebuoy, look out to sea through the hole to see the mine to your right.



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